About South Hams Landscape Photography

trying to capture the beautiful South Hams one click at a time...
3 Peas In A Pod - South Hams Photography


This is not my job but it’s important to me

This is another way of me spending more time outside, trying to merge my creative and techie sides.  Sometimes it works, more often than not I don’t get the shot I want.  The important thing is if I can learn from that and get it better next time.

South Hams Location Map - South Hams Photography


Sensational South Hams, from Sea to Shore and Moor…

The South Hams in Devon are beautiful.  Rain or shine, but then I’m biased. The South Hams stretch from the borders of Plymouth in the West, to the English Riviera in the East,  Dartmoor to the North and Start Point in the South.  There’s a wide variety of rural, moorland and coastal scenery to be seen.

Nikon D5000 - South Hams Photography

Photographic Kit

Trying to learn how to use what I’ve got, rather than trying to buy better pictures through expensive kit.

Hey, everyone loves gadgets don’t they? On the other hand you can’t buy hard work, experience or an inquisitive eye.  I don’t mind the former, I’m trying to gain the second and I’m working on the latter.

My main kit is a mid level Nikon DSLR camera, some basic kit lenses and a tripod off eBay.