South Hams Photography - Aveton Gifford Tidal RoadA bright April morning coincided with a high tide and an early wake up call from the rooks, so I nipped down to the Tidal Road at Aveton Gifford.  There’s a great (still free) car park on the Timbers Roundabout at the bottom of the village on the main Kingsbridge to Plymouth road.

The clue here is in the post title, it’s a ‘tidal road’.  With a rising tide, keep to the car park, don’t risk parking further on, at best you’ll be cut off, at worst, you’ll find your car is not as hydrodynamic or watertight as you’d have hoped.   The tide does creep in faster than you think, I walked down past the little dip at the bottom of the car park with the water close to the edge and just about to go onto the road, I went along to the edge of the first first crossing downstream and on my way back the road back was already flooded.  I was there maybe 15 minutes at most, took a few photos then walked back and was cut off at the little ford.  Fortunately a footpath leads back to the car park so wet feet were avoided. Some good opportunities here, in the mornings the Sun shines downstream giving nicely lit shots downstream both from the car park along the tidal road but also from the bridge with two worthwhile views separated by the small industrial unit.