Another Saturday, another chauffeur mission to ferry my Partner to do bridal hair, found me with a couple of hours or so to kill in Dartmouth.  Obligatory visit to Alf Reseco for gorgeous coffee completed and it was off to find something to take photos of.  I’d wanted one of the ‘classic’ Dartmouth views but with the sun shining ‘the wrong way’ I just couldn’t find the view I wanted.  So it was down to the waterfront to try my luck.  A fortuitous parking spot opened up right on the water so I parked and jumped out.  It was still early, but the ‘golden hour’ had packed up and was long gone so the light wasn’t great.  I’d still wanted to take some shots over towards Kingswear but that meant shooting right into the sun.  I settled for shooting back towards the lower car ferry ramp and having an experiment.

In the end I thought I’d have a go at some more longer exposure shots, the clouds were moving fairly briskly so the opportunity was accepted.  Tripod out, on with the 10 Stop ND filter, the Sigma 10-20 lens and the tweaking began.  I was using a cheap clone Cokin P Filter holder (more on that elsewhere later) and to be honest, it was a right pain in the proverbial backside composing, focusing, putting the filter in the holder, taking the shot, checking the exposure visually on the rear display and on the histogram then doing it all over again.  The other thing that struck me was how hard it is to get a good idea of things in bright sunlight on the rear screen with bright light and reflections everywhere.  Maybe an LCD screen display on the top of the next Camera?

I think I got enough glassiness on the Dart and the clouds certainly show enough movement.  The exposure histogram was interesting as the bright line of white painted houses were quite dominant.