Well, no fair maidens to be seen this morning, but a lovely quiet windless dawn after a colder night gave ideal conditions for mist in the Avon Valley at Aveton Gifford.  The obvious view points for ‘mist in the valley’ landscape photography shots are from the main A379 between Aveton Gifford and Churchstow.  There’s also a couple of narrow lanes below Churchstow where gateways provide good views and a partial pull in for a car, but be aware that you can’t dawdle as these lanes are used.  Better to park on the main road in Churchstow and walk down the lanes.  I’ve not scouted the side of the valley beneath Loddiswell yet but this should also be good.

As ever, patience was part of the waiting game in Landscape Photography.  The sun wasn’t quite clear of the hills to the East when I arrived and the light was still fairly flat.  I could see where the light would fall, it was just a matter of waiting.  There may be better places to wait than on a field edge overlooking a beautiful Devon valley on a late summer’s morning as the sun rose and brought colour and warmth to the land, but at the time I was hard pressed to think of them.  So, camera down, breathe, take in the view and wait for the light, enjoy.  Not a bad start to the day.

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