A lovely February walk along the Cliff tops from Overbecks in Salcombe towards Bolt Head.  I’d not got a lot of time, so it was a brisk march towards the cliff tops.  A couple of walkers ambling along enjoying the view were greeted with a smile and a “Good Morning” and a meeting with a guy who’d already walked from Tor Cross that morning, was heading to The Sloop at Bantham, for an overnight stay and then back to Torcross the day after in training for the Salcombe Coastal Marathon.

Being around lunchtime and still in February, the light was bright and a little harsh but clear and still worth taking some photos.  A couple of speedboats were doing the nautical equivalent of Doughnuts beneath the cliffs, They’d crashed out through the waves over The Bar with a loud smack each time they’d landed, engines revving and audible all the way up on the Coastal Path.  I couldn’t help thinking that if they were doing the same in souped up cars in a retail park, they’d have the attention of the Police and be slapped with ASBOs before they could install another Blue LED on the dashboard.  That aside, to misquote Mark Twain, it wasn’t a good walk spoiled and with a few images in the bag, a worthwhile trip.


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