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I’ve walked and run along the section of the South West Coastal path between Salcombe and Hope Cove many, many times.  I normally head out along towards Soar Mill Cove and Beyond or less frequently, turn right up the valley and loop back up over the Cliff tops to drop down into Overbecks.

This time, I stopped at the bottom and headed down a path into one of two narrow inlets in Stairhole Cove, itself a part of Stairhole Bay.  I was surprised to find a set of metal steps leading down onto the rocky “beach” at the bottom.  Even more surprising was the waterfall that cascaded into the inlet from the cliff above.  I’d crossed the stream many times before but hadn’t made the connection that it must get into the sea somehow.

I set up at the bottom of the steps to photograph the waterfall, a few tweaks on the shutter speed to show movement in the falling water and I was happy.  Just then I head an engine and the Salcombe Lifeboat motored across the Bay right through the middle of the shot.  Seemed rude not to continue shooting.  They came back across the shot a couple more times, but I wasn’t able to change lenses quick enough to get a closer shot of them.

Apparently the guys on the Lifeboat saw me and tweeted, “Awesome photo. We saw you snapping away“.  If you like this image you can buy it on Red Bubble and I’ll donate all profits to Salcombe RNLI.