South Hams Photography - Web CodeI’ve had this site up for several months now and in honesty, hadn’t devoted enough time to it.  Paid work, family and real life get in the way of our ‘little projects’ sometimes. In fact nearly all of the time, and so it should be.

However, the need to process scores of photos for an impromptu shoot provided the impetus I needed.  I’ve been working with WordPress for several years now and love it.  Couple this with a great theme (which controls the look but not the content of the site) by Elegant Themes called Divi and things hang together pretty well.  I’ve opted for the Pro Version of NG Gallery which will allow for some Sales of images if I need to.

Whilst hanging together a custom photography site from non standard pieces is not a beginner’s option, it’s not so difficult as to make it a non starter for anyone who’s not afraid of learning.  Of course, there’s lots of low cost photography gallery and eCommerce platforms available which will work right out of the Credit Card.   Personally I’d rather be sat down learning of an evening than watching ‘Strictly Celebrity Street’, so you can guess which way I went.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, it certainly is the mother of getting your website sorted.