South Hams Photography - Thurlestone incoming waves long exposureWho knew so many people would get married last Saturday? By late afternoon I’d been to four!  Not as a photographer, but in a supporting role as driver for my Hairdressing Partner, Sara.

Another lunchtime Ginger Beer Shandy, this time in the Village Inn in Thurlestone watching the Tour De France sweep through Yorkshire on the pub’s TV.  Then down to the beach to fill in some time, first to South Milton where I was reminded that seemingly most cars from out of Devon don’t have reverse gears and must be used to only driving on motorways, such was everyone’s reluctance to even contemplate going backwards in the admittedly narrow lanes.  A quick coffee at the beach hut then onto the beach where in honesty, nothing much caught my eye.

Then back to Thurlestone for the final photo opportunity of the day, taken at Thurlestone Beach next to the Golf course.  The tide was on the ebb and there’s some lovely rocks starting to be exposed at the far end of the beach towards Bantham.

A bloke came wandering over to have a chat.  Can’t think why anyone would be intrigued why someone would be standing up to his knees in the surf wearing half soaked trousers with a tripod seemingly focused on a lump of rock.  It was ok, not one of my most enjoyable outings, the light was quite harsh,  looking to seaward was almost straight into the sun.  Golden Hour it was not.  Still, what makes it harder makes you a better photographer, or something like that.  So when all else fails, go Black And White and in this case, long exposure.