I was out in the fresh air quite some time today, a trot around the Great West Run Half Marathon in Exeter this morning then out to Bantham Beach in the gusty golden hour.  To be honest, I’d had a long sleep in the bath after the run, so missed the current weather state, I jumped into the car and arrived on the beach to see kite surfers in abundance on the walk down to the shore.

With the crashing waves, clearly my plan of some arty beach slow motion long exposure water shots was now out of the window, there was too much spray in the air for crisp landscape shots so that was another avenue closed.  Ah well, out with the zoom lens and time to have a crack at the kite surfers.

Three Legged Thing - Brian, South Hams PhotographyAs I’d planned on taking Landscape photos, I’d brought along a new tripod.  My old one was a second hand Velbon Video tripod that I’d got off eBay for £35 about 5 years ago.  Now that I know I’ll continue with photography as a hobby, I felt it was worth getting a decent one.  No what defines ‘decent’ is about as definitive as deciding on the best flavour of Ice Cream.   I’d looked at Manfrotto, Giottos and a host of other brands, but my search drew me towards a British manufacturer, ‘Three Legged Thing‘ who proudly hail from Stagsden! My choice was confirmed when I was recommended the brand by local photographer Scot Baston.  I’ve only used it a few times so for but I am more than happy with the build quality and ease of use.   It really does make a difference over the old one.

The great thing about the “Brian” model (they’re all named after famous guitarists) is that one of the legs unscrews to act as a monopod.   A quick adjustment and I had my zoom lens on a monopod taking photos of the kite surfers.  Not quite American Surf shots, but hey, I’m in the South Hams.  Actually, it worked really well.